Household Account

Understand and Reduce Your Household Emissions

Take Action

Our actions offer numerous ways to reduce your emissions. Some are easy, some are hard. All of them earn you points and get you in the game.


Browse discussion groups to share ideas and learn how others are reducing their emissions. Team up with a small number of households by creating or joining a salon. Engage more broadly by joining a Carbon Salon community.

Target and Track

Tracking is the ultimate way to reduce. Measure your actual household emissions. Learn how specific behaviors translate to specific amounts of emissions. Set reduction targets for different categories. Create a workplan. Track your progress over time.

Customized Advice for Meaningful and Measurable Results

Average advice is for the average person. But no one is average. That's why Carbon Salon takes your individual circumstances into account and helps you devise a plan to reduce emissions in a meaningful and measurable manner that suits your lifestlye.

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